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hello everyone! happy 2022. i wanted a place to quickly jot down what i wanted to achieve this year by myself. i'm not the biggest fan of lists but it is indeed satisfactory to be able to check something off as completed. 2021 was a fantastic year but i felt that i could lose motivation in something remarkably quickly. i recognise i have poor sleeping patterns and i dont follow many healthy work/life balance practices so this would definitely be something i'd like to pursue this year. i know i can work a lot more than i do already!

briefly, here's what i'd like to get done...

  • as mentioned above, a consistent sleeping pattern
  • visit florida and possibly new york to see internet friends
  • buy a car by working n hours (i have the value worked out)
  • start a passive income stream, but idea for this is tbc
  • work outside of my bedroom where possible
  • maintain this blog, maybe a new post once or twice a month